Rental of fishing kayaks, boat and guided fishing trips at Hvide Sande and in Ringkøbing Fjord

Angling on Ringkøbing Fjord

Ringkøbing Fjord is a shallow brackish water fjord with an area of ​​almost 300 km². The fjord is approx. 30 km long, up to 8 km wide and 2-5 m deep. At Hvide Sande, there is a connection to the North Sea via the lock.

Ringkøbing Fjord is a very versatile fishing lake. Due to the variation of the salt content in the fjord depending on the distance to Hvide Sande and the sluice's regulation of water volumes, you will mainly experience saltwater fish on the fjord side of Hvide Sande - and more classic freshwater fish south at Nymindegab, north at Baggers Dæmning and Ringkøbing Havn and east of Skjern Å.

The fjord is accessible from land in several places. In most places, however, it takes waders and a fair amount of adventure to find your way through the reed forest, but it is definitely an option. However, a kayak, bellyboat or boat offers a much greater opportunity to search the areas and find the fish.

If you are especially into fishing for the predatory fish pike and perch, the hunting areas are mainly where the salt per mille is lowest. Popular areas are found in the southern part of the fjord at Nymindegab - but there is also potential in the areas with outflow of fresh water - e.g. Vonåen (by Ringkøbing) and Skjern Å (Pay attention to the protection areas!).

As it is written, there are countless kilometers of water that just lack a proper round of outreach fishing! Even the most persistent guides at WestcoastSportfishing are nowhere near having tested all the obviously interesting areas on the fjord yet! There is potential for more than one fishing adventure with "Wauv effect" on Ringkøbing Fjord!

Note: It is not allowed to bring home trout / salmon caught in Ringkøbing Fjord! Trout / salmon are totally protected in Ringkøbing Fjord, Stadil Fjord and in Vonåen - and when caught, they must be gently released.