Rental of fishing kayaks, boat and guided fishing trips at Hvide Sande and in Ringkøbing Fjord

Angling on Stadil Fjord

With a mean depth of approx. 1.5 meters and with a maximum depth of approx. 3 m and a surface area of over 16 km2, Stadil Fjord is noted as Denmark's 4th largest lake. Stadil Fjord's water is brackish water and, depending on the water level in Ringkøbing Fjord (The 2 fjords are connected by the Vonåen, read more here) has a salinity between 0.5 and 2.5 per mille.

The fjord is difficult to access from land - so kayaking, bellyboat or boat is the best way to start the hunt for the secrets of the water!

The fish stock is quite varied. The following species have been documented in the fjord: Perch, pike, roach, bream, whitefish, smelt, eel, flounder, stickleback, salmon, rainbow trout, dace, sprat, tench and crucian carp.

The angling in the fjord is mainly about perch and pike, but it is definitely a challenge even for the seasoned anglers to break the code of the day and find the bigger fish. How does the current wind and salinity affect the fish's behavior and foraging? Fishing is not always easy, because there are not many obvious pitches or wooden routes in the shallow fjord.

If you are into the black-striped bandits, you can choose the north side of Hindø, where you can find the perch on slopes and slightly deeper water, as there are not many areas in the fjord. The many small coves and bays with shallow water and reed forest are of course obvious places for the pike.

Depending on the wind and weather, the water can be experienced as clear or cloudy, which of course must be taken into account when packing the end gear. Provide both bait with natural colors - and those that provoke with fierce color splendor!

As the fjord is quite shallow, it is obvious to focus on the easier spin or fly fishing. Suggestions for bait selection could be Savage Gear Real Eel, Savage Gear 4play and various pigshads without load.

Note: It is not allowed to bring home trout / salmon caught in Stadil Fjord! Trout / salmon are totally protected in Ringkøbing Fjord, Stadil Fjord and in Vonåen - and when caught, they must be gently released.