Rental of fishing kayaks, boat and guided fishing trips at Hvide Sande and in Ringkøbing Fjord

Practical info about renting fishing kayaks, boat and guided fishing trips

This is how the rental of our fishing kayaks takes place.

  • Contact Westcoast Sportfishing and arrange a date for the fishing trip
  • Pay in advance of the fishing trip on Mobilepay (21 96 26 10), bank transfer (Reg. No. 7670 account no. 6356526)
  • ... or pay cash on the day
  • The kayak is picked up in Hvide Sande, or delivered by appointment
  • You fish on your own, or have one of our skilled guides on the trip
  • The kayak is returned to Hvide Sande or picked up by appointment

The fishing kayaks

Our fishing kayaks are of the model Hobie Pro Angler 12. The Hobie Pro Angler 12 fishing kayak is propelled by pedal power, and is controlled with a small tiller. The kayak is easy and intuitive to sail, it is so stable that you can easily stand up in it, and should you tip over or fall in, the kayak is sink-free!

With a fishing kayak you can get around to all the good fishing spots, and if you step a little further, the kayak quickly shoots up to 9 km/h. When the pedal for propulsion is in the water, you can sail in at 50 cm. water, and if the pedals are picked up, you can sail all the way in as little as 20 cm. water. On the very shallow water, you can paddle forward, with the paddle that comes with when you rent a fishing kayak from us.

The fishing kayaks are equipped with a Power Pole anchor. A Power Pole anchor is a long rod that can be pushed to the bottom with an electric motor. The rod acts as an anchor, and the kayak is thus held in place on the good fishing spot. On the fishing kayaks there is also a storage box, two rod holders and of course life jackets are included.

The kayaks are on a trailer, and can be picked up in Hvide Sande or delivered in West Jutland. The kayaks can also be transported on roof racks if your own car is equipped with such.


If you come as a group, our boat may be the right choice. At the boat there is plenty of room for packing, fishing tackle and big fish!

Linder 440 Fishing

This Linder boat is 4,40m and has mounted an outboard engine with 6hp. The boat is approved for 4 people. (300kg) And stands on a trailer so you can easily transport it to where you want to use it. A fishing platform has been installed in the boat, which can be dismantled if desired. Up to 4 life jackets and 2 paddles areincluded.


1 day: Kr. 1000, -
3 days: Kr. 2500, -

Smartliner 150

This Smartliner boat is 4,50m and has mounted an outboard engine with 15hp. The boat is approved for 5 people. This boat is more stable and spacious than the Linder boat. The boat is on a trailer so it can be easily transported around to the various destinations. This Smartliner is built with casting platforms, this means that there is plenty of space during fishing, or to enjoy the packed lunch. Up to 5 life jackets and 2 paddles are included.


1 day: Kr. 1500, -
3 days: Kr. 3750, -

The fishing guide

Martin Ivan was born and raised on the west coast of Hvide Sande. His specialty is predator fishing in West Jutland. Martin can help you find the predatory fish that hide in Ringkøbing fjord, which among other things applies to large pike and perch.

Rules and reservations

  • The vessels are insured for personal injury, but if there is damage to the kayak / boat or the associated equipment, the tenant will have to pay for the repair of the damage.

  • One must not be drunk and one must not enjoy alcohol on board.

  • If it blows too much, the trip can be canceled. We cancel no later than one day before the rental day.

  • If you cancel 7 days before or earlier, you will get all the money back. If you cancel later than 7 days before, you will receive half of the money back.

  • It is your own responsibility to comply with applicable minimum sizes, protection times and protection areas. Read more here:

  • You must have a Danish fishing license to fish in Denmark. The fishing license can be purchased here:

Sustainable fishing

We take pride in calling for sustainable fishing. For us, it is important that our fishing waters and the fish species that live in them are also well-functioning biotopes in the future. Bringing home fish is perfectly ok - but we encourage you to follow this recommendation:

Take home a maximum of 2 pike and 5 perch per. day
Only take pike from 60 - 80 cm., And perch from 25 - 35 cm.

Do you just need to capture the good memories? Often a good catch photo is worth a lot more than a meal. Catch and Release can, when done gently to the fish, help to protect the stock and at the same time ensure the good fishing experiences of the future. So possibly. a quick round of measurements and weighing - photography - and back in the wet element with the fish again! Seeing a magnificent fish swim back into the deep again is for many anglers and anglers an essential part of the pleasure of fishing.